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͵͵ and The Wombles join forces

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͵͵ and The Wombles are joining forces to look after the environment by recycling and reusing pre-loved items.

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'Hello, my name is Great Uncle Bulgaria. As head of the Burrow, it is my pleasure to let you know that my fellow Wombles and I will be joining ͵͵ in 2023 on your journey to ask the nation to be more sustainable.

2023 is a perfect time to inspire everyone to do more for the environment, from recycling to reusing and refurbishing old items rather than sending them to landfill and we feel that ͵͵ are the perfect partner to help us along the way.'

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Wombles and ͵͵ shop graphic.pngThat’s right, Great Uncle Bulgaria and his team of Wombles will be supporting ͵͵ by popping up in shops up and down the country to remind us to recycle and reuse whilst they celebrate their 50th anniversary. The Wombles are well known for their love of nature, recycling, and the importance of community; therefore, they are the perfect team to help us be as sustainable as possible.

͵͵ shops raise funds to support vital services for older people, including the Charity’s free and confidential national Advice Line and Telephone Friendship Services. By shopping and donating to ͵͵, you’re helping to reduce waste that ends up in landfill and helping us raise money to support older people.

Top tips from the wombles: how you can shop more sustainably 

By donating and shopping for pre-loved items in your local ͵͵, you can help prevent them making their way to landfill.

So, be a womble and donate your unwanted gifts, goods, and clothes to your local ͵͵ shop.

  1. Donate good-quality items to your local ͵͵ shop!

    Donate good-quality items to your local ͵͵ shop!

    We can sell them so they can be loved all over again, and it keeps usable goods out of landfill.

  2. Shop second-hand

    Shop second-hand

    With a huge variety of pre-loved items at your local ͵͵ shop – and furniture available at specialist furniture shops – you're sure to find something you love at a great price.

  3. Take your own bag

    Take your own bag

    Carrying a canvas tote bag, bag for life or reusable carrier bag (like those we offer in our shops) is a great way to avoid extra plastic.

  4. Share your shop on social media

    Share your shop on social media

    Help us spread the word about the great stuff you can discover at your local ͵͵ shop by sharing pictures of your finds – remember to tag us @ageuk_shop.

Heart icon Don't forget to Gift Aid your donations

Your donated items could be worth 25% more - at no extra cost to you - when you Gift Aid it.

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Last updated: Apr 11 2024

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