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Our professional fundraisers

Professional fundraising 600x340.jpg͵͵ has trained professional fundraisers who work throughout England to promote the ͵͵ Weekly Lottery and our regular giving programme.

You may see them at shopping centres, garden centres, your local town centre, airports and shows. Our fundraisers will be wearing branded ͵͵ clothing, display ID cards and have ͵͵ printed materials with them, including pull-up stands and thank you cards.

Our fundraisers will also have ͵͵-branded digital entry forms on individual tablets. They will use these secure tablets to sign people up as regular givers or weekly lottery players. They will only sign up people via direct debit, so will never ask for cash. In line with our fundraising policies, ͵͵ does not undertake door-to-door fundraising.

Find out where our fundraisers will be

Weekly Lottery fundraising locations

To be announced 

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Regular giving fundraising locations
  • 22/07/2024 - 28/07/2024 Sainsbury's Superstore, London, NW10 2TD
  • 22/07/2024 - 28/07/2024 Greggs, Nottingham, NG1 6FB
  • 22/07/2024 - 28/07/2024 B&M, Nottingham, NG6 8EW
  • 22/07/2024 - 28/07/2024 Co-op, Nottingham, NG18 4EH

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Frequently asked questions

Why is ͵͵ using face to face fundraising?

Face to face fundraising is a cost effective method of recruiting people to support ͵͵’s vital work with older people in need. This type of fundraising allows us to talk to more people about our services and how they might want to support our work.

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What work will this fundraising support?

͵͵ works tirelessly to support older people in need by providing expert information and advice through services such as our Advice Line, supporting older people facing loneliness through our 24 hour Friendship Services and by campaigning for the rights of older people. By playing our charity lottery or donating to us through a regular gift, you will enable ͵͵ to support people in later life for many years to come.

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What is a society lottery?

A society lottery can only be run for the benefit of a good cause. Licensed with and regulated by the Gambling Commission, ͵͵'s society lottery supports our charitable work.

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How does the lottery work?

The ͵͵ Weekly Lottery costs just £1 per week to enter and profits go towards supporting ͵͵’s charity work. Each week there are 1,500 prizes and 5,000 quarterly Superdraw prizes. What’s more, there are no rollovers in our charity lottery! That means that every week one of our players wins a guaranteed £2,000, and 999 players win between £5 - £250 in runner-up prizes.

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How does ͵͵ choose the venues for its private sites?

Private sites such as train stations, shopping centres and garden centres are found to be suitable locations for our recruitment stands, ͵͵ must give permission for any venue to be used.

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How does ͵͵ protect vulnerable people from signing up to play our lottery?

We ensure that all our fundraisers have regular training to ensure they uphold our high standards and we have a number of safeguards in place to ensure we are respectful and mindful of everyone's personal circumstances.

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What happens after I sign up?

If you have given us your mobile number you will receive a text thanking you for signing up. You will also receive a welcome pack within 21 days of your interaction with the fundraiser.

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How do I know if the fundraiser is genuine?

imageo03bd.pngOur fundraisers will be wearing ͵͵ branded clothing (like those pictured) and will have ͵͵ printed materials with them including pull up stands and thank you cards. They will also carry identification as authorised to fundraise for ͵͵.

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Is my data secure?

Yes, once you have completed your interaction with the fundraiser, they will not be able to access your information. Data security is a high priority for ͵͵, we will not sell or transfer your data and will only use it for the purposes for which you have given it.

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Who can I contact about this work?

Please email the venue team at venueteam@ageuk.org.uk

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Last updated: Feb 29 2024

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