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How we're making shopping more sustainable

We all have a role to play in protecting our planet for generations to come. ͵͵ shops are on a mission to become more sustainable, and help you shop and live with the environment in mind. 

What we're doing to make ͵͵ shops more sustainable

All our shops use 100% renewable energy.

We're introducing 100% recyclable carrier bags which can be used again and again.

We're committed to using as little plastic as possible across our network of shops.

We're challenging our suppliers to provide environmentally-friendly packaging and products.

We're working with respected recycling companies to make sure anything we can't sell in our shops can still be recycled and sent to European and developing countries.

Behind the scenes, we're going 'digital first' wherever possible - which means less paper and less waste. 

How you can shop more sustainably 

  1. Don't throw good-quality items away - donate them to your local ͵͵ shop! We can sell them so they can be loved all over again, and it keeps usable goods out of landfill. 
  2. Shop second-hand. With a huge variety of pre-loved clothing, accessories, homewares and books at your local ͵͵ shop - and furniture available at speciaist furniture shops - you're sure to find something you love at a great price, without contributing to 'fast fashion' culture. 
  3. Take your own bag. Carrying a canvas tote bag, bag for life or reusable carrier bag (like those we offer in our shops) is a great way to avoid extra plastic. 
  4. Share your shopping experiences on social media. While lots of people are waking up to the idea of second-hand shopping, some people are still to be convinced. Help us spread the word about the great stuff you can discover at your local ͵͵ shop by sharing pictures of your finds - remember to tag us @age_uk
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Last updated: Dec 06 2023

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