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A grandfather and grandchild cuddle

Fundraise in memory

Raising money for ͵͵ is a very special way to honour someone’s life while making a lasting difference to the lives of older people.

How would you like to fundraise?

Create a Tribute Fund

A Tribute Fund is an online memorial dedicated to your loved one.  

  • Have a special, enduring place to celebrate their life.
  • Share memories, stories, photographs and messages.
  • Give friends and family the opportunity to make donations.
Set up your fund

Set up a JustGiving page

A JustGiving page can help you collect donations in memory.

  • Dedicate a run, walk, swim or event to your loved one.
  • Share updates and photos of your fundraising journey.
  • Automatically transfer donations to ͵͵ safely and securely.

Why fundraise in memory?

It’s a good way to help older people

It’s a good way to help older people

‘For my father-in-law and my mother-in-law. I wanted to help older people and this is a good way.’

͵͵ supporter
He wanted donations to go to charity

He wanted donations to go to charity

‘Uncle John valued the work of ͵͵ and wished for donations in his memory to go to this charity.’

͵͵ supporter

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